Top Tourist Attractions in Canada

We all want a break from our busy and monotonous routine life. Planning for a vacation with family members will surely bust the work stress and will give your children a break from studies. Siting in the lap of nature for a while will help you in getting rid of all tensions and worries of everyday life. Though staycations are in vogue but they are not a good alternative to a traveling vacation. Canada has always been on eof the most preffered holiday destinations of the tourists from all over the world.

Canada is a vast country which abounds in attractions or destinations that are particularly unique and yet to be explored. Tourist attractions here possess a diversity of interesting places. It comprises of calm and serene villages as well as marvelous modern wonders in towering cities. It is a beautiful amalgamation of new and old. Listed below are a few attractions that must be visited, if you are planning to go to Canada for vacations this year.

Niagra falls

The beauty of this fall will render you speechless. More than 6 million cu ft water falls over Niagra's brink per minute. Located on the Niagara River at the southern tip of Ontario, these falls are one of the most powerful and famous waterfalls in the world. Niagra falls is three different waterfalls- the Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls and the smaller Bridal Veil Falls, located on the Niagra river, which runs on the border of Canada and the US. You must take 'Maid of the Mist' boat to experience the falls up close. Nature lovers from across the world flock to the Niagra Falls.


It is a ski destination, which is a two hour drive away from Vancouver. The mountains Whistler and Blackcomb provide over 8000 acres of snow terrain, where skiing lovers throng from all over the world throughout the year.

CN tower

It is a 1,815 feet tall free standing structure located in downtown Toronto, from where tourists can take a bird's view of the whole city. Accessible via exterior high speed elevators which move upwards with the thrilling speed of 360 meters per minute, is an amazing experience especially for children.

Whether you are planning to spend your vacations in Canada with friends or family, you must prefer renting short term furnished apartments to hotels. These are more comfortable when you have children with you, who want separate bedrooms and some open space. Moreover, you can cook food of your own choice if you have rented an apartment. Enjoy the splendor of Niagra falls, the food at the towering restaurant situated on CN tower and skiing in Whistler, this vacation with your family.


This article was guest written by Baljinder Kaur.
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