Guide to Finding the Right Restaurant

The restaurant industry is an easy target for food inspectors to have a field day. There could be so many discrepancies in a restaurant business. Yet, so many restaurant joins are able to consistently get it right. The bad ones are still able to sneak in the sodium and calories into the food.

For once, you could say that restaurants do contribute to waistlines. But the irony is that while waistlines increase, so do the restaurant bottomlines. In the recent years, there has been a paradigm shift in consumer preferences. People are looking for the right restaurant that can provide them high quality food with the least number of calories. Wishful thinking? Not exactly. There are plenty of restaurants out there that have made this possible.

The end of the transfat era

Transfats are no longer being used in the restaurant industry. At one point of time, transfats were a prominent feature in every dish. Now they are not. Because if consumers see that their food has transfat, they would forget about the restaurant forever.


How clean is the restaurant? Do the waiters serve you the food barehanded? Are the table napkins changed every time someone finishes their dishes? You can also find the cleanliness quotient of a restaurant from the surroundings. Visit the toilet and understand how clean it is. Is it a sparklingly clean toilet? It is well-brushed? Is it smelly?

The number of customers

Popular restaurants have a barrage of visitors at all times during the day. It will be difficult for you to get a reservation when you walk into the restaurant. You may have to book a reservation in advance.

You can adjudicate the quality of a restaurant based on the number of people in the restaurant. If a restaurant has rows and rows of empty seats; there could be three reasons to it. The restaurant is new. The employees are on leave or strike. Or it could be a case of bad service that got to the customers and turned them away forever.

Variety of dishes

Does the restaurant offer you a variety of cuisines? Does it offer you Asian food such as Chinese, Thai, and Indian etc? Does it offer Mexican food? Or does it offer a mix of everything?

The variety of dishes in a restaurant is indicative of the quality of a restaurant. Good restaurants have a variety of menus on course. There might be these special inclusions on special occasions. The quality of a restaurant is based on how flexible it is when designing its menus. You don’t want to go to a restaurant that hasa menu which was being used five years back.



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