Guide to Finding the Right Hotel

If you are planning a vacation or a business trip, you have to put some thought in finding the right hotel. A hotel can make or break your vacation or business trip. A hotel should be like a home away from home. When you travel, and select the right hotel, the quality of your business or vacation trip is for a large part determined based on the hotel you live in.


Does the hotel have basic and advanced amenities? Given that a hotel serves as a home away from home, it should make you feel at home. A hotel should provide you a comfortable, safe and relaxing environment.Some standard amenities are clean beds, private bathroom with shower, fresh towels, television, telephone, Internet connection, closet, clock, iron and hair dryer.

Additional amenities are an in-room lounge, a mini-bar, writing desk, cable television, and toiletries. Luxurious amenities offered at hotels are bathrobes, Jacuzzis, video game consoles, customized breakfast, and other such services.

Hotels should have a swimming pool, restaurant and bar, lobby, parking area, business centers, and coffee vending machines and so on. And the last but not the least is good concierge service.

Choose a hotel with good reviews

If the hotel has received positive reviews on feedback forums then you should consider this hotel based on the wisdom of the crowds.

When you visit the local Better Business Bureau (online or physically), you get a full picture of the type of hotel you are going to stay or staying in. Customer complaints are recorded with the Better Business Bureau, and this helps customers measure the quality of a service (such as a hotel stay).

Accommodating a range of budgets

A good hotel has the flexibility to accommodate all types of people with varying budgets. Such hotels have different rooms with varying amenities depending on the budget. You typically choose such types of hotels because they give you value for your money.


A hotel should be clean and hygienic. Great hotels do not even have a speck of dust on your windowsill. Good hygiene applies to the frequent changing of towels, bed sheets, and napkins used in the bathroom. Good hotel room practices means changing everything in the room when a visitor checks out.

Cleanliness is very important in hotels. Without cleanliness, you have a high susceptibility to contract diseases. Given that a hotel accommodates different types of people, you are vulnerable to contract infectious diseases.



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